Employees often file a whistleblower complaint in one of two instances. They do so if they have reason to believe that their employer is putting the public’s safety and health in jeopardy. They also do so if they believe that their employer is engaging in illegal activity.

Whistleblower complaints are more often filed in certain industries over others. They’re most common in the environmental law and other highly regulated sectors such as the trucking, nuclear power and airline industries. Government agencies and any taxpayer-funded initiatives also often have more whistleblowing lawsuits filed against them compared to other industries.

Many of the employees who dare to step forward and take on their employers have witnessed fraud, significant mismanagement or waste of taxpayer or donor money or their total disregard of public safety or health.

As you might imagine, many employees who become whistleblowers aren’t treated very kindly by their employers. Many workers are fired from their jobs when they report what they see. If they are allowed to stay on board, then their employers make it difficult for them to go about their workday. Whistleblowers may be subjected to discrimination, harassment and other types of illegal treatment.

Fortunately, there are anti-retaliation laws on the books that employers must be careful not to violate, even when an employee has exposed their potential wrongs. If you believe that your employer has engaged in some type of impropriety, then you owe it to yourself and others to report it.

An employment law attorney in Portland who’s committed to protecting employees’ rights can advise you of whether you have a valid Oregon whistleblower claim. If they believe that you do, then they can let you know how to best build your case and protect your rights in the process.