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Beware! Your new Portland home may have construction defects

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Construction Defects Law |

When you go to purchase a home, a lender will take into consideration how much your home is worth when deciding how much of a mortgage to allow you to take out. When you go to sell a home, your realtor will base the price that they list is at on a variety of factors including the condition of your home. If your home was hastily constructed or was built with inferior building materials, then it may have construction defects. These can devalue your home.

Construction defects can be caused by the use of inferior building materials or poor workmanship as outlined above. They can result from structural and civil engineering problems, site planning or selection issues or inadequate soil preparation and analysis.

Most homeowners end up filing construction defect lawsuits because they find that their home has problems with its electrical, plumbing, or heating and air systems. Other concerns that motivate homeowners to file suit are structural or foundational issues. Water, landscaping and drainage issues tend to be a problem for homeowners. Many homeowners also sue for damage such as dry rot or mold.

If you’re successful in suing your contractor for construction defect that results from poor workmanship or the use of inferior materials, then you may be able to recover damages. Some of the costs that you may qualify to get reimbursed for include ones for repairs and any damages you suffered because of its state of disrepair.

It’s also possible for you to recover court fees and litigation costs. You may even be able to request a reimbursement of your temporary housing fees.

Proving that some kind of construction defect occurred isn’t easy. This is why you should only entrust your case to a construction defects law attorney who has superior experience in trying such complex cases here in Portland and throughout Oregon.