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Beware! Your new Portland home may have construction defects

When you go to purchase a home, a lender will take into consideration how much your home is worth when deciding how much of a mortgage to allow you to take out. When you go to sell a home, your realtor will base the price that they list is at on a variety of factors including the condition of your home. If your home was hastily constructed or was built with inferior building materials, then it may have construction defects. These can devalue your home.

What's considered to be a construction defect?

If you think about your friends that have purchased a new home, it's likely that some of them have discovered that it has some flaws. If not, then they might have had their Portland house remodeled and have later found that the work was performed shoddily. Both of these are examples of construction defects. Each year, countless lawsuits are brought by Oregon residents against their contractors for issues such as this.

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