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Steps business owners should take to protect their trade secrets

Whether it's a secret recipe, a well-honed sales funnel, specially-designed technology or something else; most companies have an "it" factor that sets it apart from the competition. You likely put in years of hard work and invested significant financial resources to perfect what you do. You must be proactive in making sure that your trade secrets don't end up in the wrong hands.

What are common reasons employees sue their employers?

If you stop and think about how often you hear about an employee suing their employer, it's probably quite often. It's not surprising that's the case. According to a study conducted by the insurance company Hiscox, U.S., most employers have a 12% chance of being sued by their employees. The smaller a business is, the more likely it is to find itself embroiled in a lawsuit. There are some standard reasons employees sue their employers.

Signs that a contractor may be no good for you

Construction projects often require a lot of preplanning. Homeowners generally have to make design and materials selections that are going to fit in with their budget. They also have to concern themselves with how long the project is going to take. Finding a qualified contractor to complete the job is perhaps one of the most challenging things that you have to do.

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